Advantages of an Established Headshot Photographer

With the rise in amateur photography, it is important to know what makes truly professional headshots stand out in your industry and around the business world. An established headshot photographer is far more than a person with a great camera; rather, they bring years of experience and training to the experience.

Established Headshot Photographer Studio

While a headshot session may seem quick and painless to you, that feeling of effortlessness comes from extensive practice and knowledge. The established headshot photographer makes your experience smooth and delivers excellent photographs, saving you time and putting you in the best position to use your headshots for business success.

Training in Posing and Lighting

While business headshots are deliberately shot to look clean and uncomplicated, many details go into choosing every aspect of color, lighting, and posture. Too little light can make a portrait look shadowy and grim, and too much light washes out the natural complexion.

An established headshot photographer will be experienced with exactly the look you want to achieve, while also understanding what kinds of variation in style and facial expression will make you stand out and which changes will actually make the photographs turn out poorly. You want a professional who can advise you on how to stand or sit, how to smile, and can ensure a positive result.

Experience with Facial Analysis

Professional photographers have trained specifically to be able to understand the contours of different face shapes and to compensate for each different type of face with angles and lighting. Faces require skill to photograph well, and an established headshot photographer can use this analysis to create memorable, professional portraits of any facial shape and style. Training in facial analysis requires not only skilled experts but also extensive experience with different settings and faces.

A professional will be able to achieve what Peter Hurley calls “lookability,” or the unique expression that makes someone want to gaze upon any given face. Great photographers can achieve lookability with anyone, but it takes experience to be able to find and capture the perfect moment consistently.

Understanding of Business and Professional Needs

A professional will know that a headshot says so much about a business professional in only a few milliseconds; these headshots will be how a customer or client establishes their first trust in your firm through your web presence. At the same time, they know that being on the cutting edge of your industry is important, so they will be able to help you update old or out-of-date headshots in a way that transforms your website or directory.

At the same time, your photographer should be able to make even the most concentrated business professional appear approachable and friendly, which requires an excellent persona. The professional behind the camera who makes a person feel comfortable and at ease will elicit the most natural and positive expressions from the subject of the photograph. Even professional headshots must appear unstaged and natural in order to effectively draw in business and create the beginnings of relationships.

Efficiency and Results

Much of the difference between amateur and established headshot photographers is in what you won’t see from them: you won’t get delays and excuses, you won’t get unreliable camera work, and you won’t get unedited or poorly edited photos. Instead, an established headshot photographer knows your time is money, so they make the shoots quick and effective, and they deliver the headshots with excellent editing in a prompt manner. The time you save with an established headshot photographer pays for itself.

If your firm or office is looking for a way to increase trust and connection to your brand, a set of truly professional headshots of every member of your organization will go a long way to winning that business for you. If you’d like to learn more about what an established headshot photographer can do and the advantages they bring, contact us.