Benefits of a Digital Professional Headshot Background

As a busy professional, it’s critical that you have a high-quality headshot so that you can project the best professional image possible. The background of a headshot is just as important as the headshot. Often, business professionals are unsure of the type of background that will be the best choice for their headshots. But thanks to a virtual background system, removing and replacing just about kind of background after shooting a headshot is not a problem. Here are some of the basic advantages of using a virtual background system for your professional headshot.

What is a Virtual Background System? 

A virtual background system involves using a certain type of optical projector that works in conjunction with a camera that allows for an unlimited variety when choosing a background. This means that you can use a digital file or transparency of almost anything for creating your background in real time. Before a photographer releases the shutter, the subject as well as the background can be viewed, making the process instantaneous and optical.

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Design Flexibility

Often marketers, web designers and graphic designers find it difficult to work their photos into designs and websites due to size limitations, besides restrictions on branding and orientation. Fortunately, a virtual background offers the flexibility required for fitting in images to just about any type of design effortlessly.


Many professionals, such as lawyers and realtors, find themselves occasionally changing jobs. As a result, their identities can also change. When the background of a headshot needs to be changed, it’s easy to keep the same headshot that you love and adjust it so that it matches your new job description.

Uniformity in Headshots

It can be hard to create headshots that are consistent when your business involves numerous employees working in various locations. However, when a background is positioned digitally, the backgrounds of all the headshots are consistent, regardless of where the headshots were taken. This gives larger companies that are expanding and continuing to hire new employees on a regular basis a huge advantage.

No Software or Computers

Because a virtual background system is based on optics, it doesn’t entail any software or computers. Only the video projector is involved. Additionally, there is no post-production work for pasting in a background. Besides being time-consuming, pasted-in backgrounds can also appear fake.


A virtual background system gives you unlimited choices for backgrounds. What’s more, it does so in a way that’s cost-effective. As there’s no additional cost per shot, a virtual background is very affordable.

No Green Screen

Background replacement does not entail taking your headshots on a green screen. On the other hand, your photographer needs to have advance warning so that he or she is able to photograph you using the correct techniques.

Total Background Control

This type of system gives a photographer complete background control, in addition to a limitless option of backgrounds. Besides being able to totally control a background, a photographer also has complete control of color, brightness and the position of a background.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Because clients enjoy the variety of background options, they tend to buy more.
  • Having a virtual background system doesn’t mean having to totally discard a traditional canvas appearance. In other words, real canvases can still be used that render a traditional look when it’s desired.
  • Full-length photography can be used with a virtual background system. For example, there are several methods for creating a floor when using full-length photography, such as using plants, rugs and other items.
  • Virtual background systems can be used in school photography.

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