Best Wedding Photographer – Best of Bethesda Reader’s Pick

Being nominated as one of the best wedding photographers by Bethesda Magazine was certainly one of the highlights of my day, especially given that the first and 2nd place picks are some of the most well-known and well-established wedding photography companies in the DC Metro area.

Best-Wedding-PhotographerSeveral months ago Bethesda magazine ran their annual Reader’s Picks contest and one of my clients mentioned that she voted for me. “That’s so sweet” I thought to myself, then forgot all about it. Soon after, a second client sent a similar email. That’s when I decided to reach out to my other clients and industry contacts to politely ask them if they would submit my name for consideration. When the polls closed I was completely shocked to hear that I was one of the nominees. I thought to myself “yeah, I bet everyone who gets a vote gets this email. It’s just a way for the magazine to try to sell me advertising.”

Well, when actually got my hands on a copy of the magazine this morning I was more than shocked to see my company actually listed as number 3 in the reader’s picks! By no means am I a big fish in the DC Wedding Photography scene, and I’m a little humbled to be listed under these two amazing studios, but the fact that enough clients and vendors thought highly enough to put in a vote for me truly made my day.

One thing that so many clients don’t understand is that a little recognition such as this, or writing a two sentence review on Yelp, Wedding Wire, the Knot, or Google+ makes a huge difference. I have had clients give me all kinds of gift to show their gratitude, but public acknowledgment such as this goes a long, long way.