Digital Marketing Services

The evolving face of Adam Lowe Creative | Now with Digital Marketing Services

If you have poked around my website recently, you may have noticed a few changes. To some of you, this will come as a major surprise. To those of you who have worked with me, it will seem like a normal progression. Adam Lowe Creative now OFFICIALLY does more than just photography! For over 20 years, Adam …

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Mellon Auditorium Auctioneer

The Importance of Professional Photography for your Fundraising Event

Fundraising is serious business, especially in our region. Charities have a lot of competition for corporate and private donations. When non-profit development teams or their outsourced fundraising professionals plan an event, whether it be a gala or a walk-a-thon, they know that image is everything. Professional corporate event photographers and videographers are a valuable asset to your event …

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Authentic Headshot Photoshoot Clothing

Personal Branding 101: How to Dress for a Headshot Session

One key element in personal branding is your own image. It’s true that the world has become more digital and that means you can even positively influence your personal brand from the comfort of your pajamas at home. One element you’ll surely need is a recent professional picture, so you should consider scheduling a new …

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Man Fixing Tie Personal Brand

Does Your Headshot Match Your Personal Brand?

A proper headshot can act as a marketing tool for your personal brand, which is why you need one which can represent you professionally and in the best light possible. When deciding whether to do business with you or not, prospects will evaluate you based on how trustworthy, approachable and confident you appear. In most cases, …

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Consulting Headshot Personal Brand Portraits

The Industry Benefits of Building a Personal Brand

The vast majority of people base their professional reputation on a combination of personality, preferences, and the policies of the company you work for. As a single employee, your identity in the industry is often more closely defined as an employee of your workplace than as an individual expert. Back when only big companies could …

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Professional Headshot Umbrella

Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Headshot

Investing in professional headshot pictures for your team is a great way to upgrade your company’s image and is undoubtedly a great way to invest in your people. You’ve hired a designer to create your logo, your stationary, and your website. These sessions are the same thing, an asset for your company, but for the personal …

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The anatomy of a professional headshot session

The process of getting a professional headshot is more complex than, say, having your picture taken for your school yearbook.  That said, it doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as some people make it out to be. Depending on your needs and job position, the process can take anywhere between 5 minutes and a couple of hours. …

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Established Headshot Photographer Studio

Advantages of an Established Headshot Photographer

With the rise in amateur photography, it is important to know what makes truly professional headshots stand out in your industry and around the business world. An established headshot photographer is far more than a person with a great camera; rather, they bring years of experience and training to the experience. While a headshot session …

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Twilight Real Estate Photography

Some Great Add-ons for Your Real Estate Photography

The purpose of real estate photography is much more than simply documenting what a property looks like. It’s an opportunity to get creative and showcase your property, to bring out its best qualities and make it really stand out from the crowd.   In an age when people can easily access information about practically anything …

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Headshot Session

Posing Guidelines for Your Headshot Session

Most of the people who come in for a professional headshot session don’t have any type of experience posing professionally and controlling their face for the camera. As photographers, we are completely aware of this. We don’t expect our clients to act like models and naturally know how to work their best angles and pose …

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