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What Your Headshot Says About You

What can you get from a headshot? A headshot contains all the personal information of a face, all of the experience recorded in the lines and contortions of the flesh. It also contains a story of strength, optimism, and joy superimposed on personal history. A headshot can include a context, a background that illustrates how the person lives and works.

Fear, Anxiety, and Inspiration with Melanie Anderson

This week’s guest is a very good friend of mine, Melanie Anderson. Melanie is a photographer, public speaker, coach, mentor, and all-around incredible person. In this podcast, Melanie and I talk about everything from value-based pricing, overcoming your fears, and having a great team to support you. I always walk away with a ton of knowledge every time I talk wither her, so I hope you find this as valuable as I do.

Benefits of a Digital Professional Headshot Background

As a busy professional, it’s critical that you have a high-quality headshot so that you can project the best professional image possible. The background of a headshot is just as important as the headshot. Often, business professionals are unsure of the type of background that will be the best choice for their headshots. But thanks to a virtual background system, removing and replacing just about kind of background after shooting a headshot is not a problem. Here are some of the basic advantages of using a virtual background system for your professional headshot.

Digital Marketing Services

The evolving face of Adam Lowe Creative | Now with Digital Marketing Services

If you have poked around my website recently, you may have noticed a few changes. To some of you, this will come as a major surprise. To those of you who have worked with me, it will seem like a normal progression. Adam Lowe Creative now OFFICIALLY does more than just photography! For over 20 years, Adam …

The evolving face of Adam Lowe Creative | Now with Digital Marketing ServicesRead More »

Mellon Auditorium Auctioneer

The Importance of Professional Photography for your Fundraising Event

Fundraising is serious business, especially in our region. Charities have a lot of competition for corporate and private donations. When non-profit development teams or their outsourced fundraising professionals plan an event, whether it be a gala or a walk-a-thon, they know that image is everything. Professional corporate event photographers and videographers are a valuable asset to your event …

The Importance of Professional Photography for your Fundraising EventRead More »

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