Comercial Photography Subscription Service

Announcing the Commercial Photography Subscription Service

If you think your business can’t afford professional photography, think again!

Did you know that a typical commercial food, beverage, or product photography project can take weeks of planning, a team of people, and thousands of dollars? All that for a single photograph! Major brands understand these logistics and are prepared with art directors, marketing teams, brand managers, and art buyers to make sure they get the exact image that they want for their campaign.

The Importance of a Test Shoot

When I approached a potential commercial client to do a “test shoot” she was more than skeptical.

This client is redesigning her website and frankly I think the only reason she even agreed to meet with me is because her web designer and marketing manager talked her into it. I have done plenty of commercial work for builders, fitness companies, restaurants, and retail stores but I have never tackled a commercial project that requires the type of precision that this client wants.

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