Circus Performer Portraits

Circus-ArtistsI had one of my more interesting portrait sessions late yesterday afternoon. Completely out of the blue I received a phone call from someone with a thick Kazakhstani accent asking if they could come to my studio for portraits. I said “sure” and went through the description of my normal consultation, session, sales process. They said that the only time they could come was that day and that they really wanted me to do the portraits for them. Uhh… okay. I was just catching up on office work and editing from the weekend so sure, why not!

About an hour later, two very interesting men showed up at my studio. As we walked back to my office, one of the gentlemen was pointing and commenting on some of the photographs on the wall basically saying “that is what I want!” At this point I was sure that this wasn’t going to be a normal portrait session!

Well, it turns out that the two gentlemen were performers at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and that day was the only free day they had between performances. Okay, this is going to be cool, I thought… We spent about two hours photographing everything from Facebook profile photos, to more extreme portraits showing off their talents and personalities. I’m super excited about the photos we took and they were thrilled as we held a photo reveal and sales session within minutes of the shoot!

The only downside: I can’t show any of the photos online until I get approval by the circus. Bummer… Oh well, I have their personal model releases and I’m hoping all goes well with Ringling Bros B&B corporate. As soon as I have permission you better believe I’ll be posting those portraits!