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Real-World Consulting

As a small business, marketing team, or creative team sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you identify your problems and recommend solutions. With over 20 years of business, technology, and marketing consulting experience we provide insights from a variety of perspectives.

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The Difference

Adam Lowe Creative doesn’t operate like a typical consulting firm. Our goal is to help your business or initiative succeed, not to sell you on the most expensive methodology, process, or design. We offer practical, actionable advice with a focus on the big picture and your success.

We have experience working for boutique consulting firms, in-house consulting divisions, and partnering with the “Big 5” firms. All too often, traditional consultants come into an engagement with an arrogant attitude and a solution in their pocket before they even know the true problems. We walk in with open ears, a willingness to learn about your business and issues, and a whole lot of tough questions.

With many consulting firms, the result of their work is a 400-slide presentation. Executive sponsors often love these because they justify the investment in a consultant. Instead, we focus on providing clear, concise, and timely advice that an organization can implement quickly and efficiently to achieve the best business results for the least cost.

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What We Provide

We focus our consulting on creative solutions for businesses. Often, this takes the form of business and marketing strategies, creative direction, and business process design We work with all sizes of businesses, from sole proprietors to large multinational corporations. We understand the challenges and limitations of each of those businesses and recommend solutions to fit their needs and their budgets.

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Adam Lowe started his career as a consultant in 1996, helping small businesses implement technology systems for graphic design, video production, and multimedia creation.He worked for small boutique firms specializing in business and technology consulting in the Legal, Finance, Property Management, Construction, Non-Profit, and Media sectors. Later, he worked in-house at one of the world’s top law firms as an “internal consultant” helping the finance, operations, information technology, business development, and marketing teams identify weaknesses in their departments and propose solutions.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business and experience in various fields and with hundreds of companies, Adam has a broad perspective on the similar and unique issues that different businesses face. He has used that knowledge to implement small and large organizational changes resulting in millions of dollars saved.