Does Your Headshot Match Your Personal Brand?

A proper headshot can act as a marketing tool for your personal brand, which is why you need one which can represent you professionally and in the best light possible.

When deciding whether to do business with you or not, prospects will evaluate you based on how trustworthy, approachable and confident you appear.

In most cases, they will be able to spot this just by looking at your business headshot.

So the question is: can your headshot live up to your prospects’ expectations?

Keep reading to find out if your professional portrait matches your personal brand.

Personal Brand

Ask Yourself These Questions to Find out if Your Current Headshot Matches Your Personal Brand

1. How recent is your headshot?

Ideally, you want to update your picture every 2-3 years. If it’s been more than three years since you last refreshed your professional headshot, then you may find yourself in the situation of meeting with a client and not looking exactly like you did in the photo they saw of you.

This can be quite embarrassing.

Don’t be afraid to show the real you, no matter your hair color or whether you’ve lost or gained weight. Your prospects are interested in doing business with a trustworthy, confident person and not your looks.

2. Does your headshot express what you want to convey?

You obviously want to transmit professionalism, trust, and confidence through your headshot.

But at the same time, you also want to appear friendly, approachable and relaxed.

Is your photo ticking all of these boxes?

If it doesn’t, then perhaps you need to consider a different outfit, location or a setup other than a plain background.

Depending on what you’d like to communicate, I can help you decide on what the ideal scenario would look like for you.

Man Fixing Tie Personal Brand3. Does your posture project confidence?


According to Amy Cuddy, who is a social psychologist, we can change other people’s perception by simply adopting a different body position.

This can apply to your headshot, as well. You can power pose for your shots to boost your confidence, even though you don’t really feel that way.

No matter the posture you’ll go for, a business portrait should always project professionalism.

The environment in which you’re posing can help a lot, so you can have a photographer take the photos at your desk or around the office.

It’s important to be in your own element. If you appear to be confident, then you will project this feeling on your prospects and so they will be more likely to do business with you.


Every founder or entrepreneur needs a professional headshot, whether it’s for their Social Media profile or for their website. It’s an investment which will most certainly pay off in the long run.

Regardless the style you’ll go for, a blurry or weirdly cropped picture can only mean sloppiness and lack of attention, which can affect your personal brand’s reputation.

So if you don’t have a headshot yet or need to update it, add it to your to-do list right now. Or you can contact me right away to set the date for your session.

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