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Every Family Needs a Portrait

To celebrate the opening of our new studio in Silver Spring we are offering a free family portrait session in-studio with a complimentary two-image folio and the matching digital files.

There is no catch…

Our new studio gives us the ability to create a style of portraits that had been out of our reach in the past. Before we open this service up to the general public, we are offering it to you absolutely free so we can build our portfolio and iron out the kinks in our processes.

A $790 value!

What we want:

  • Some great photographs to market our new service!
  • To work out the kinks in our studio processes without any pressure.

What you get:

  • Telephone, online, or in-studio consultation to discuss our mutual goals for the session.
  • Studio family portrait session (up to 90 minutes long), valued at $395.
  • In-person portrait reveal and selection session at the studio. Schedule permitting, this can even be done an hour or two after your portrait session!
  • A 2-image 8×8 or 8×10 image folio (see photos to the right) along with their matching digital images, valued at $395.
  • Any additional products you may want can be purchased at 30% off our regular prices.

This offer is only available until October 31st, 2017. We are opening early, closing late, and working weekends to offer this so sign-up before we are completely booked up!


  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session? Canceling or rescheduling is not a problem as long as you do it 24 hours in advance. Just click the link in your confirmation email and you should be able to do it all online. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to call or email me. PLEASE, if at all possible, try not to cancel or reschedule without at least a day’s notice. I’m putting in a lot of extra hours and last-minute schedule changes make me grumpy.
  • Do I need to schedule a pre-consultation? Under normal circumstances, I would recommend it so we can figure out what style of portraits you want, what products you are interested in, get to know your family, and discuss clothing. Since I realize everybody is busy and you are already doing me a favor by modeling for me, I’m happy to do a quick email conversation instead. If you do want to schedule a call, just click this link
  • What should we wear? I will put together some clothing guidelines and add them to this page early next week, in the meantime just think about wearing simple coordinated clothes. Bringing “nice” outfits and “casual” outfits is a good idea, just stay away from logos and strong patterns. When in doubt, black or white work well!
  • Where are you located? My address is 2204 Distribution Cir. Silver Spring, MD 20910. It’s a mixed-use warehouse park off Brookville Rd, about 5 minutes inside the Georgia Ave beltway exit. Coming from Brookville rd, you’ll go through a residential area then come up on the industrial section. The first street on the right (Warren St.) is where you’ll want to turn. Pass by the “Bicycle Place” and turn left onto Distribution Circle immediately after the two delis. My studio is the first door on the left. I’m still waiting for Montgomery County to give me my sign permit, so look for my address and the “reserved parking” poles.
  • When should I arrive? Try to arrive on time, there is no need to get there early or panic if you are a few minutes late. 90 minutes is more than enough time to get settled and take plenty of photos. I do build a buffer between sessions so nobody should feel rushed.
  • Can I bring pets? Absolutely! Please just make sure they are under your control at all times since there is a lot of breakable equipment that can easily get knocked over. Also, realize that pets add a level of complexity to your session and make every “pose” take longer, so keep that in mind if you also have young children with short attention spans.
  • How do I get my kids to look at the camera? First, try to remove any distracting people from the room when others are being photographed. If I’m working with “mom and the kids”, dad might want to wait in the other room so that the children look at me instead of him. If you must be in the room, please stand directly over my shoulder so they are looking in my direction and not yours. Try to let me take the lead and give them directions. Too many people talking at once just confuses and distracts kids and they are probably more likely to listen to me than they are to you. (Sorry, it’s true). If the kids get restless, we can always take a break. Also, let them play and interact with each other a bit. Sometimes the candid moments are the best photographs!
  • What style of portraits can I expect? The images on the sign-up page are somewhat representative of what I’m after. All the portraits will be in the studio and we’ll do a mix of “formal poses” and more candid shots. We’ll also do as many different family groupings as possible, as long as the kids hold up. That means full family, mom with kids, dad with kids, kids with each other, kids individually, etc. As these sessions are geared towards portfolio building, I will be shooting some specific poses and groupings. I will also try to accommodate your preferences if they are different from mine. Please feel free to bring multiple outfits. We have a changing room in the studio.
  • Will I get to meet Baby Max? You’ll have to work that out with Momma Toby! She usually stays away from the studio, but she might be convinced to swing by as long as Max isn’t being a jerk.
  • Can you photoshop us to look like other people? Sorry, Photoshop isn’t the magic tool you think it is… I’ll do simple head swaps when needed and I’ll make sure the images you select for your Photo Folio look their best, but expect to see minimally-retouched images when you come in for the reveal and selection session.
  • Do I really have to come back for the portrait reveal and selection? Although I can do it over the web, it will be much harder for you to see and select your portraits on the computer than it will be with me guiding you through them in person using a 12’ projector screen. If you are considering any type of wall art or an album, I absolutely recommend coming in person so I can show you samples and help you figure out what will work best. Also, if you are considering wall art, try to measure the wall where you want to put the portrait ahead of time. You can also send me a cellphone snapshot of the wall (put a ruler in the photo or tape a piece of 8.5×11 paper to the wall so I have a size reference) so I can do a mock-up of what your portrait will look like life-size! Lastly, remember that this is your opportunity to select your photos so make sure all decision-makers are present since I’ll be placing the order for your Photo Folio very shortly after we meet and there may not be time to 2nd guess your selections.
  • Are you going to try to sell me stuff? Absolutely not! I’m offering these sessions because I want and need new portfolio material and because I’m making some process changes that I want to “beta test” on some friendly people before I make a fool of myself in front of paying clients. When we do the portrait reveal and selection session I’ll start off with a brief slideshow of your images then we’ll pick the images you want for your Photo Folio. If you want anything else, just let me know and I’ll be happy to offer a 30% discount off my normal prices (here is a link to my price list).

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