The Importance of Professional Photography for your Fundraising Event

Fundraising is serious business, especially in our region. Charities have a lot of competition for corporate and private donations. When non-profit development teams or their outsourced fundraising professionals plan an event, whether it be a gala or a walk-a-thon, they know that image is everything. Professional corporate event photographers and videographers are a valuable asset to your event planning strategy.

Mellon Auditorium Auctioneer Fundraising Event Photographer

Appealing to Corporate Sponsors

When our fundraising clients reach out to potential corporate sponsors, they’re appealing to more than that company’s sense of philanthropy. Public and exclusive events provide an opportunity for brand exposure.

Fundraising professionals know that sponsors want their brand connected to successful events attended by high-profile VIPs, whether they be high-profile community leaders, celebrities or the key figures heading the organization receiving the proceeds.

Corporate gift decision makers want to know how charities will benefit from their support, but they also want to see how the event will convey their corporate image.

Statistics and exit polls are one way fundraisers gather and present convincing data, but nothing beats professional imagery.

Event High Points

An experienced and talented corporate event photography studio will work with event coordinators to document event highlights.

  • Keynote speakers
  • Internationally-renowned entertainers
  • Big-ticket raffle or auction prize announcements
  • Award and special recognition acceptance speeches
  • Celebrity presenters

Professional photographers know how to capture spontaneous peak emotion and images flattering to the subjects. They’re aware that positive, excited interaction between photo subjects and products, prizes, or awards is important to promoting the event and its affiliations.

Red Carpet Moments

Charitable organizations and sponsors alike love to be associated with top figures in the political, social, philanthropic, corporate, and entertainment spheres. Photo opportunities with celebrity guests and VIPs lend legitimacy to charity events.

Well-lit and properly set up “step-and-repeat” backgrounds, like those seen at movie premiers, place sponsoring brands and the non-profit’s logo in the same scene as VIPs and attendees. These images are invaluable for the charity’s future promotions, are highly shareable by photographed subjects among their social media networks, and provide positive exposure and brand recognition for sponsors.

Mary Kay Award Details Fundraising Event PhotographyThe Details

Whether it’s a professional fundraising or event firm marketing to non-profits or a charitable organization’s development team appealing to donors, sponsors, and potential attendees, a strong visual portfolio should include details of previous events.

Brand visibility

Photos of signage, etched stemware and gift bags have more impact when they’re photographed in a manner that matches the event’s mood and theme, or featured prominently in candids in which guests are interacting with branded items.

When event lighting includes gobos featuring logos or the event’s title, a professional event photographer will create compositions that best show off the projected images.

Thematic decorations

When an event is built upon a theme, fundraisers want studio-quality shots of thematic decorations as they’re displayed at the venue, as well as candids of guests interacting with or reacting to props. These images help provide an overall narrative of the event.

Ambient lighting and draping

How does dynamic stage lighting interact with atmosphere lighting? A professional event photographer may use a variety of lighting techniques, including discreetly-placed remote strobes and in-camera and post-production color balancing to accurately document an event’s color scheme and illumination, as well as the venue’s architecture. Do the fairy lights strung behind crepe ceiling swags show up in the final images the way they were experienced at the event? Do arched passageways look warmly lit in the final photos, or underexposed?

Event planners put a lot of work into creating the event’s atmosphere, and their clients often pay top dollar for premium venues. Snapshots and selfies don’t do justice to these important details.

Floral and centerpiece design

Once again, color and texture are key in capturing table settings, centerpieces, and floral displays. Event photographers often arrive early to create images before they’re disturbed by guests. Experienced photographers know how to work with complicated arrangements involving opposing planes—tall centerpieces perpendicular to flat tabletops, for example—in a manner that highlights the artistic design as it exists within the greater atmosphere of the event.

Food and beverages

Top-tier fundraisers feature haute cuisine. Ticket buyers want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth, regardless of their philanthropic motivations for participating. Sponsors want to know that their brand is associated with a good time. Images of an exciting and tantalizing meal, presented by smartly-dressed servers or arranged artfully among the place-settings, can send donors and participants well over the threshold when they decide to commit to a charity event.

Trust Adam Lowe Creative

Professionally-produced images instill confidence in the minds of potential sponsors and attendees. At Adam Lowe Creative, we can help you convey the message and tone you wish to project. An investment in high-quality images pays off when they’re included on your websites and brochures, corporate thank you gifts, and in press kits.

Our focus is on meeting the imaging needs of my corporate clients, from studio headshots to architectural and real estate images to gala fundraisers and conferences. We offer high-level, world-class still photography and videography services. Do you need imaging professionals with experience working with D.C. metro’s highest-profile venues? Contact Adam Lowe Creative. We understand why photography is key to your strategy, and look forward to helping you achieve your development and promotional goals.