Who Needs A Professional Headshot And Am I One Of Them?

Many professionals might think they are able to survive the business world without a professional headshot. After all, it is difficult to carve time out of a busy schedule and it seems like a lengthy process.

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However, a professional headshot is imperative in order to have a successful career – it sets the tone of what message the person is trying to convey professionally.

There are several industries and positions where a headshot is absolutely vital. You might ask yourself, “who needs a headshot?” and should I be getting one? Maybe I’m biased, but I think everybody should have a great headshot these days. Here are a few of the professions and industries we have identified as those who should definitely have a professional headshot.

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1) Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to be fighting an uphill battle. Not only do they shoulder the burden of starting and running their own business, but also have immense pressure to network and demonstrate to the outside world that they have what it takes to succeed.

A professional headshot is a step in the right direction – it is often the first impression others will have of you, and it needs to show confidence and acumen. As businesses grow and flourish, a professional-looking headshot will be imperative in showing the outside world how well you carry yourself professionally.

Professional Doctor Headshot2) Those in professional services (i.e. lawyers, consultants, real estate agents, financial planners)

Within the professional services industry, a headshot is necessary. Not only is it the first impression clients will have of you, it demonstrates that you are professionally prepared. Moreover, headshots often accompany pitches and proposals to clients. Not having one to include is generally diminishes the quality of the proposal since it is no longer consistent with the inclusion of other headshots.

Professional services are incredibly tied to first impressions, especially on biography pages. Possessing a great headshot is a surefire way to inspire confidence in clients and signals that you are professionally driven and gives it a personal touch.

3) Public figures

Anyone in the public eye knows how important a headshot is. Rather than letting unflattering pictures be accessible, invest in a headshot from a professional photographer. It gives a personal touch for public figures, while still retaining control over what kind of image is portrayed through the headshot. Public figures are in special need of professional headshot in order to ensure that they are putting their best foot forward – especially in an increasingly social media-driven world.

4) Those active on LinkedIn

Whether LinkedIn is being used to find a new job, or just maintained regularly for networking purposes, a professional headshot should always be the profile picture. Using candids, or low-quality pictures as the main picture is not the best practice, especially when trying to reach out to others in a professional setting. It conveys a sense of immaturity, or a lack of understanding of LinkedIn and why it is used.

Use a professional headshot to convey your message and show others who add you that you are career-driven. Many recruiters use the profile picture as a way to gauge your personality and how professional you are, and using a headshot rather than a grainy photo is a great way to make a good first impression.

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5) Aspiring models and actors

The acting and modeling industry are heavily reliant on what someone looks like, and a professional headshot is absolutely imperative in that case. Headshots are meant to make a statement, and show your personality while still maintaining professionalism in this industry.

Many casting agencies base their decisions on the first impression – having a professional headshot is a standard practice that demonstrates you are serious about your profession. Following some simple guidelines before taking the headshot is a great way to ensure that you get the results desired and have a high-quality headshot to send for prospective modeling or acting jobs.

If you fall into these categories, you should definitely think about getting a professional headshot taken, or updated if you have taken one previously.

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