Some Great Add-ons for Your Real Estate Photography

The purpose of real estate photography is much more than simply documenting what a property looks like. It’s an opportunity to get creative and showcase your property, to bring out its best qualities and make it really stand out from the crowd.


Twilight Real Estate PhotographyIn an age when people can easily access information about practically anything online, it’s also a great way to generate interest long before the property is seen in person. While there are many basic elements and standard practices in setting up a photo shoot, there also are some great add-ons for real estate photography that are quite fun and effective.

Take that wonderful time of day known as twilight, for example. When the sun dips below the horizon and it’s still light enough to see, the world takes on a beautiful glow that really, well, makes things look cool. Since twilight photography is really for property exteriors, it’s the perfect time to show off landscapes and lighting features, as well as sneak in an amazing sunset backdrop. It’s definitely great for lighting in particular since many property showings are done during the day.

Twilight real estate photography can also give you a competitive edge, simply by being a service that other realtors don’t offer. It also lets you add a high-value service to your product list and will attract clients who normally list higher-end properties. There are some disadvantages, too, which mostly involve scheduling the shoot and the extra time involved in getting a great result. Depending on the time of year, those perfect twilight moments can be late in the evening, (or very early in the morning), so it’s important to take that into consideration.

Another unique way to show off your property is by aerial photography. It certainly has the advantage of giving prospective buyers the opportunity to view the property from an angle they won’t see when they visit in person. It often can help illustrate the property as a whole and give a better visual demonstration of where outdoor features are located. It’s also great for properties that can’t be seen easily from the street. And it looks very impressive.

In and around DC, though, you can’t use drones to take pictures (or be annoyed by your neighbors, so it has its plus side). However, you can use pole aerial photography (PAP), which will not only get a camera high into the air, but can be precisely situated in areas where getting a clear and advantageous shot is difficult. Remotely operated cameras also make it unnecessary for photographers to risk life and limb for the perfect shot. PAP rigs have a relatively small profile and simple setup procedure which essentially make them great for aerial photos without too much fuss.

Lastly, there is always…YouTube. (There, we said it). While often thought of as the home of endless cute cat videos, it’s also the second-largest search engine out there and can be very useful for real estate photography. Before you panic about trying to make a video, though, remember that you don’t have to go overboard. A nicely presented slideshow of property photos with a simple intro and outro makes a very effective presentation. And unlike on MLS services, you can take time to promote yourself, so clients can both see your property and get an idea of who they will be working with.

When you really want to make your properties look fantastic and let people know that you’re a dedicated professional, great photography is a key element. While it is important to honestly represent the features and overall appearance of a property, giving yourself the edge with great add-on features is also a good idea. Hopefully, the tips listed here will help make your real estate photos shine. For help doing just that or for any questions, please feel free to contact us today!