Real Estate Photography Updates for Spring 2016

I hope everyone has come out of hibernation and is doing well this Spring season! I have a few minor changes and improvements to my real estate photography practice that I want to let you know about before things start getting too busy.

Real Estate Photography Booking CalendarYou now are able to view my availability and schedule a real estate photography appointment online at any time!  

This has been the number one requested service that I have been asked for. There is no longer the need to go back and forth via email or phone calls to figure out when I’m available. Simply go into my website and click the “Book an Appointment” button to see my availability and book the appointment. You’ll also be given the option to select any add-on services such as twilight photography or floorplans.  As always I will still be available by phone or email if that is your preference or if you have special requests that are not shown on the website.

Simplified Real Estate Photography Pricing

I have made it easier for you to determine which pricing option applies to your property.  The two pricing options for real estate photography are now “Standard” (for under 3,000 sq ft) and “Large” (for over 3,000 sq ft). I generally refer to the square footage displayed by Zillow, but now with these simplified options it is usually pretty obvious where a property falls even without referencing the site.

A new invoicing system

For those of you who have been frustrated by my invoicing system, I feel your pain. Truly! I’m migrating to a new system that should be much easier for everyone to use, even if you choose not to use the self-service appointment system. This new system will also allow you to log in to your personalized portal at any time to review any past orders, print invoices, or make payments. I will be running both systems side-by-side for several more months, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have on how I can improve the experience.

Invoice Terms

As my schedule has become much tighter, I now require payment in full in order to book a real estate photography appointment. It’s not as scary as you might think, though. There is no penalty if you need to reschedule a session with more than 24 hours’ notice. If you need to reschedule within 24 hours, a small rescheduling fee will be charged. In the event of a cancellation, a credit for any monies paid, less a cancellation fee, will be credited to your account to use on a future session.

As always, I appreciate your continued business and I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.