Spring 2017 Real Estate Photography Updates

Real Estate Photography Spring 2017 - Driveway View of Snowy HomeAs I sit here thinking about the spring 2017 real estate photography season (today is March 14th Pi Day!!!!) it’s snowing and sleeting outside! Nevertheless, the spring real estate season is fast approaching and we are all getting ready for long days and working weekends.

Last year, I made a few changes to simplify the booking process and pricing. This year, the main focus is on quality over quantity. Rather than charge by the square footage of the property, I’m now charging by the number of images you want. The good news is that the cost won’t change for the vast majority of my customers, but rather it will give you more control over how much you want to pay for certain properties. As always, I still offer discounts for anyone who wants to book multiple properties back-to-back or can offer me lockbox access and flexible timing for a session.

So the new price schedule starting spring 2017 is:

  • $250 for 15-30 images
  • $350 for 30-40 images

I’m also now offering a “community photography” add-on for $100 if you want an additional 5-10 photos of surrounding amenities such as the metro station, shopping district, or historic areas.

As always, I look forward to working with all my existing and new customers! Happy Spring 2017 Real Estate Season!