Studio Locations

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Headshots are available in-studio as well as a portable studio at your office or a location of your choice. Studio locations are in Silver Spring, MD and Rockville, MD. 

Portable Studio 

Let us bring the studio to your office! This may be the most cost-effective option if you have groups of people and you want to minimize their disruption. We bring portable lights, backdrops, and all the necessary equipment to you so you can have studio-quality portraits taken almost anywhere. Whenever possible, we ask for a 10×12 clear area to set things up but we can get creative with almost any space. 

Environmental Sessions

If you prefer a more natural look that showcases your surroundings as well as your portrait, we can create an environmental portrait either outside or by using architectural elements around your office. These portraits sometimes require special permits or logistics, so be sure to discuss your ideas with your photographer well ahead of your session. 

Silver Spring Studio

This is the quickest and most economical option for most people and the only location where we offer mini and standard headshot sessions. Our home studio in Silver Spring, just minutes 10 minutes outside the Beltway and the White Oak FDA Campus, has everything you need for a business or casual headshot and we can often accommodate last-minute requests. We offer both mini-sessions and standard headshot sessions at our Silver Spring Studio. 

Southlawn Studio in Rockville

Southlawn Studio offers the complete studio experience just minutes from Rockville Town Square. This 1,300 sq ft studio gives us plenty of room to move around and get creative with clothing and lighting options. We offer deluxe headshot sessions and personal branding portrait sessions at this location. Be sure to discuss any special requests with your photographer ahead of time so we can bring any special equipment you might need.