The Industry Benefits of Building a Personal Brand

The vast majority of people base their professional reputation on a combination of personality, preferences, and the policies of the company you work for.

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As a single employee, your identity in the industry is often more closely defined as an employee of your workplace than as an individual expert. Back when only big companies could really build a brand, this arrangement made a certain amount of sense but why hide behind your company’s identity when you could show your entire internet-connected industry how skilled and insightful you are. There are many benefits to creating and building a personal brand and one of the greatest is the ability to quickly gain a reputation in your industry as an expert.

Start Building Your Brand

Building a personal brand isn’t hard at all. All you need is you, your style, skills, knowledge, and creativity, and a plan for how you want the world to see you. Your industry and specializations are a great place to start as this will highlight what you do best. Then think about the personality you want to be known for and any signatures or themes that will make your brand unique.

Once you have designed a memorable personal brand, start building your public image. The first step is to get a unique and memorable portrait or set of portraits taken that you can use for your user icon at work, on social media, and anywhere you socialize or create content. Show your style in a way that will make it easy for people to identify and relate to you, then hit them with admirable industry expertise. Write a blog, shoot some how-to videos or host an informational podcast that captures the interest of fellow industry leaders and professionals. These will get your name out into the online knowledge sphere. Others in your industry will start to know who you by your great profile pics and reliable content and think of you as an expert in your shared field.

Invitations to Conferences

Becoming a voice in the industry has some truly fantastic perks, ones you may not have even realized existed until they start being offered to you. Attendance at industry conferences can start as an invitation to join but as your personal brand development continues, you may even be asked to join as a featured speaker at these professional events. You could be one of the industry thought leaders and people will know who you are because of your recognizable face connected to a strong personal brand.

Client Referrals

Of course, a personal brand isn’t just for impressing others in your industry. In fact, most people form their personal brands in order to help generate leads and guide their clients toward the right professional services. A personal brand is perfect for businesses like real estate, financial advising, construction and building design, and many more occupations in which a personal touch is incredibly important and people look for a face they can trust. Your personal brand not only makes it easier for clients to remember you and give referrals to their friends, it can also bring in leads as people think “I want to work with someone like that”.

Easy Job Hunting

Finally, a personal brand is great for your career even if you’re currently between jobs. Rather than having your entire reputation disappear when you have to leave an employer, your personal brand comes with you. When a potential new employer looks you up, they’ll find a lot more than a LinkedIn profile and a few Facebook pictures. There will be reams of friendly, helpful, and industry-relevant content in the form of blogs, videos, and/or podcasts and a great profile picture they may have already seen before speaking as an authority in the industry. Your future employers will see how knowledgeable you and consider how your brand could add to theirs, and the job offers will roll in.

A personal brand can be simple or complex, serious or silly, even professional or creative. We can help you build the foundation of your personal brand or build on a brand you’ve already started with stunning portraits that perfectly suit your new professional image. Contact us today for more information about our personal branding photography services!

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