Why You Should Book a Studio Family Portrait Session

Book a studio family portrait today!

Every few years, it’s time to get the family together for a portrait. These days, it often means spending days coordinating outfits before heading out to one (or several) picturesque locations, while wrangling pets, partners, and small kids.

Sometimes, everyone’s cooperating, but the weather isn’t. Sometimes, the stress of “herding cats” makes you wonder if the family will implode before the final portrait makes it to the frame shop.

When it all comes together, you’ve got a gorgeous shot of your family that— let’s face it—might as well have been cut-and-pasted over the smiling faces of the family portraits you get each year tucked into holiday greeting cards: The same denim-and-khaki outfits, same fall leaves or cherry blossoms in the background.


book a studio family portrait

Outdoor family portraits are popular because they’re aesthetically pleasing, but do they really capture your family? Do you think this year, your investment in professional photography services, gas and sanity can be put to better use?

I admit it; I love photographing subjects outside, but when it comes to family portraiture, the studio environment allows for more creativity, flexibility, and convenience.

Book a studio family portrait session and try something different… something classic.

More relaxed setting

I’ve designed my new Silver Spring studio as a comfortable place for my clients to gather and have fun with the photography process. Is your two-year-old having a meltdown? Bring a few toys along and let her cool off in between shots. Do you want to try a few different clothing changes for both formal and casual portraits? You won’t have to duck behind a tree or take turns using your family car as your dressing room. Want to include your favorite four-legged family member? No problem! Or, do you have a large family and want multiple groupings? Give them a break in my lounge while I photograph another part of the family.

And now, the local park services are charging in excess of $250 for just a permit and they aren’t afraid to break up your happy picture day to make sure they get their cut of the pie!

Central location for anytime, any weather sessions

Conveniently located just ten minutes inside the Beltway, my studio has plenty of (free!) off-street parking. Family members can meet after school and work on weekday evenings or arrive together on weekends. No more cramming into cars as you hop from one location to another, and no more waiting for the weather to cooperate or worrying if rainstorms will require you to reschedule.

Booking a studio family portrait session also makes it easier and safer to include mobility-challenged family members or even your favorite pets in your portraiture.

More creative options

Today’s digital cameras make outdoor photography easy for a lot of emerging photographers, and let’s face it — taking a beautiful picture around scenic Washington DC is pretty easy to do. Take a walk to Great Falls, plop your family down on a rock in the shade and blur the background. Done! Skip those cliche snapshots this year and book a studio family portrait this year instead to create an heirloom piece of artwork that you will cherish for generations!

Take advantage of clothing choices and backdrops to have fun with your family portrait session. In the time it would take to get everyone set up for the perennial “Family Walking Under Cherry Blossoms” photo, and certainly in less time than capturing the “Family Huddled Happily On Coastal Sand Dune” photo, together we can cover several different scenarios in one climate-controlled session.

With some advanced planning, you can gather inspiration for your shoot from social media, national magazines or your own imagination, and I can help make it happen. Are you looking for a clean, timeless aesthetic for a portrait that will spend years on display without becoming dated? Do you want to incorporate props, team uniforms or even staged vignettes that playfully bring out each individual personality?

All of these things are possible when you book a studio portrait session with us.

Put everyone in their best light

Unless your photographer brings along off-camera lighting, which is rare for the typical outdoor portrait, it’s difficult for them to do much more with ambient light than provide fill flash from their camera strobe. Also, lighting conditions vary widely in outdoor settings, and you can’t reschedule simply because there’s no cloud cover to provide soft, diffuse lighting.

This usually isn’t much of a problem with smaller family groups, but with larger clans? It’s a challenge, and one many emerging professionals aren’t skilled or equipped to handle.

My studio lighting and technical skill allow me to make sure each family member looks his or her best without relying on chance or luck.


Camera On A Tripod Indoor With Beautiful Blured Background Studio Family Portrait

Make the most of your investment

You’ve got your entire family in one place. Why not capture individual portraits while you’re at it? Whether you have a high school senior in your family, or you need a professional headshot for your upcoming bestseller, or you just want visually brilliant, high-quality portraits of each of your loved ones, I can customize a package for you.

I really enjoy working with my clients to capture them as individual members of a family unit, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!

In addition to providing the ideal setting for your family portraits, I offer a variety of print and album products. Contact us to book a studio family portrait session, and kick off the creative process!

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