Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Headshot

Investing in professional headshot pictures for your team is a great way to upgrade your company’s image and is undoubtedly a great way to invest in your people.

You’ve hired a designer to create your logo, your stationary, and your website. These sessions are the same thing, an asset for your company, but for the personal side of your brand.

professional headshot

If you need specific details of how the process will go for your team, contact us.

The people in your team represent the business, so you need to invest in them. So, here are the top reasons you should be considering it:

1. You’ll Use the Pictures Everywhere!

Let’s first consider all the web locations you’ll need them:

  • Your site, particularly the team and about us page
  • The Social Media Business Page
  • Blog articles
  • Author descriptions
  • Guest posts
  • Career testimonials
  • Email profile.

Also, consider conference events and all printed marketing materials where you’ll use them.

Make sure that after you have the pictures, your whole team has access to them. Even encourage them to use them as profile picture anywhere it is listed they work at your company.

Adding a professional headshot of your employees on the site makes visitor see that you care about your image and trust you more.

2. Helping the Ones Who Aren’t as Photogenic

Not everyone in your team looks as great in photos as the rest of you. You know that from the pictures you took at last Christmas party. But that doesn’t matter because that’s not why you hired them.

A professional headshot with an experienced photographer will help with that. We will help your employees relax in front of the camera and we’ll be sure to get at least one great photo for each of them.

Professional Headshot Umbrella

Coming to a photography studio may also make people feel tense or rushed which is why we offer sessions at your office or in an outdoor environment.

3. People Study Faces

From visitors to your site to customers and even suppliers, they will all make judgments based on how the images look. A professional headshot will help you influence their first impression.

As photographers, we’re trained to analyze faces, understand the psychology of expressions, get the best portrait photos for you. We’ll suggest some poses for you and we work with each employee on their individual body positions and expressions.

Then we decide on what you like or what we need to improve. It’s a collaborative and iterative process!

4. Keeping the Professional Headshot up to Date

Your team and employees will change over time. You’ll have new employees and others will find other opportunities. Even the ones who stay in your team might change their appearance over time:

  • Change their hair color
  • Lose weight
  • Grow a beard
  • Become more confident.

The advantage of taking professional headshots is you won’t have to make your whole team retake the session each time.

You’ll have a constant by having them in the same style and your photographer can create a style guide so that any follow-up portraits match the ones they delivered. We have even gone as far as to create custom backgrounds for some of our clients to make sure their employees all over the country look consistent. In the end, this all makes it easy and even less expensive in the long run.

So if you hire a new employee or someone changes their appearance, then they are the only ones who need to take new headshot photos and you don’t have to photograph the entire team again just to get a consistent look.

Taking the First Step

Now you know why professional headshots are the best option for your team’s image.  All you have to do is to take the first step and book a session.

You can call or send us an email as well to answer any question you might still have. We’re happy to help.